• Commercial

    Innovative finance for the purchase, refinance and improvement of commercial property for investors, traders and the business community.

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  • Residential

    Cost-effective advances for property investors and traders for the purchase, refinance or improvement of houses and flats and regulated loans for owner-occupiers.

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  • Development

    Lending terms for house builders and property traders for the purchase and development of land for new homes and the refurbishment and conversion of existing buildings.

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  • Alternative Lending – Where next?

    ALTERNATIVE LENDING – where next? Even if the clearing banks are slowly opening their doors, alternative lending will not become redundant in the near future, if ever. There will be short-term lenders who will continue and morph into an established, alternative source of short-term finance, widening their offer to provide development finance, overdrafts and longer term, more cost…

  • Alternative Lending – where did it start?

    ALTERNATIVE LENDING – where did it start?   Although 2008 was not the absolutely best vintage for wines it was pretty good: in contrast it was a disastrous year for loans and lenders and, as “necessity is the mother of invention”, an alternative way to raise short-term finance was urgently needed and so the cottage…

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Australia fraud warning

• Alternative Bridging Corporation Limited operates and lends only in England, Scotland and Wales

• A company in Australia is falsely using our identity to issue loan offers on Australian properties and collect up-front fees

• This company is in no way associated with Alternative Bridging Corporation Limited (Company Number 7194858) incorporated in England

• The FCA in the UK and Australia’s Federal Police have been notified of this activity

• Do not accept any offer of loan unless it is issued by our London office and relates to a property in England, Scotland or Wales

• If in doubt please communicate with us at allan@alternativebridging.co.uk

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